Cloud based solution for software testing saves time and resources to SMEs

Watch Yavor Piperov explaining the benefits LoadMeter – a cloud based software testing solution, brings to small and middle sized companies.

LoadMeter is based on the world industry leader HP LoadRunner and offers the latest technology to test the quality of software while providing flexible and cost effective payment model. Infomera is the first company in CEE to offer the solution. LoadMeter has already provoked the interest of big companies (financial and telecom institutions) and some SMEs in the region.

100 ISTA attendees get free access to LoadMeter

Infomera presented LoadMeter at ISTA 2013 – the annual international conference, devoted to the latest trends in software development and test automation. 100 of the ISTA attendees were provided with vouchers for free tests with LoadMeter.

At a dedicated workshop, Yavor Piperov, Infomera, told the audience more about the advantages of LoadMeter, based on LoadRunner and how it can help SME’s to test better using the key benefits of the best commercial solution while utilizing a flexible access model.

ISTA 2013 was organized with the support of 7 leading IT companies: HP, VMware, SAP Labs България, Infragistics, Experian, Musala Soft and Skrill.